Full plate 8 partial
frame works
in 28 minutes

Accelerate your job with
low cost unit production!

Produce 110 units
in 10 minutes!

Accelerate your job with
low cost unit production!

Precise and fast

High accuracy in full-mouth,
half-mouth study models
and removable dies!

78 anatomic
temporary teeth
in 12 minutes

No odour or taste iritations,
bio-compatible temprory resin!

MEGA Dental 3D Printer

Very Fast and uninterrupted production
with Mega 3D Printer

VEGA Dental 3D Printer

Precision and uninterrupted production
with Vega 3D Printer

Customer Gallery


Vega is a very practical 3D printer with fast and precise production results. 10 micron precision printing capability is very exciting

Hilal Kuday


Vega is a reliable machine with its excellent precision and stable operation. So I don’t need to look back after starting the print. The casting results are flawless

The production of the VEGA-produced member models is flawless. We are able to get the precise prints we are looking for. DentaFab’s dental production system is a highly efficient and economical solution