DentaFab Platform

Produce and apply
temporary teeth to patients
in less than 40 minutes!

78 anatomic
temporary teeth
in 12 minutes

No odour or taste iritations,
bio-compatible temporary resin!

Precise and Fast
model production!

High accuracy in full-mouth,
half-mouth study models
and removable dies!

Full plate 8 partial
frame works
in 28 minutes

Accelerate your job with
low cost unit production!

Full plate
3 dentures in
39 minutes

Accelerate your job with
low cost unit production!

SEGA Dental 3D Printer

All your dental production at an outstanding
speed and quality!

MEGA Dental 3D Printer

Fastest printing capacity with high accuracy for uninterrupted dental production.

VEGA Dental 3D Printer

Precise and uninterrupted production
with LCD Technology

Materials for Dental

Developed to provide highest product results for dental professionals.

Customer Gallery


The production of the MEGA-produced member models is flawless. We are able to get the precise prints we are looking for. DentaFab’s dental production system is a highly efficient and economical solution

Zekai Ergan

Kayseri Set Dent

Vega is a very practical 3D printer with fast and precise production results. 10 micron precision printing capability is very exciting

Hilal Kuday


I have been using another 3D printer and I can say that MEGA 3D printer is the best among in other 3D printers. Its speed production capability is just unbelievable