Vega Dental 3D Printer

High accuracy and uninterrupted dental production.

Vega Dental 3D Printer is a fast DLP 3D Printer suitable for dental professionals to produce high precision dental models, temporary teeth, crown and bridges, partial models and inlay onlay applications.

  • Produce full dental models in 1 hour

  • 100 crown models in one hour

  • Very high accuracy and precise fitting

  • High detail and smooth surface quality

  • Uninterrupted production with device change warranty

Fast dental production with high accuracy

8 Dental models in
150 minutes!

100 models with 1 kg
PowerDent Model resin!!

90 Crowns in 55 minutes

3500 Crowns with 1 kg PowerCast Burn Resin!

80 teeth in 35 minutes!

2000 Temporary teeth with 1 kg PowerDent TEMP Resin!

4 large Partials in 90 minutes

1200 Partials with 1 kg PowerCast Burn Resin!!

Excellent Dental Precision at a low Investment Cost !

Build volume

120×68×120 mm


Fast DLP

Z Layer Thickness

10-25-50 micron

Z Speed

30 mm/hour

Dimensional accuracy

0.025 mm

NovaSoft Software

Developed to provide highest quality casting results for jewelry professionals.

Materials for Dental

Developed to provide highest product results for dental professionals.