Mega 3D Printer

Fastest printing capacity with high accuracy for uninterrupted dental production.

In few minutes, you can produce highly accurate surgical guides, temporary teeth, crowns, bridges, partial frameworks, custom impression trays, gingiva, and many other applications.

  • Extremely fast speed designed for dental production
  • Large production capacity
  • High details and accuracy
  • Over 99.9% print success ratio and efficiency
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Projector warranty of 20,000 hours of printing
  • Perfect stick technology that does not require extra base

110 crown and bridges, inlay, onlays in 10 minutes!

Full plate 8 partial frame works in 28 minutes

78 anatomic temporary teeth in 12 minutes

Full Plate 7 Surgical guide in 16 minutes

Excellent Dental Precision at a low Investment Cost !

Build volume

133×75 mm


Fast DLP

Z Layer Thickness

50 / 30 / 15 micron

Z Speed

90 mm/hour at 50 micron

NovaSoft Software

Developed to provide highest quality 3d prints for dental laboratories and dentists.

Materials for Dental

Developed to provide highest product results for dental professionals.