Wash & Cure

Good prints deserve good finishing!

Products printed in 3D digital dentistry reach the desired mechanical values only after they are thoroughly cleaned and cured. With these devices you can wash and post-cure your prints easily in a clean environment.


3D Printed Object Washer

Quick and powerful washing performance

Wash your parts perfectly without getting your hands dirty. Thanks to its special propeller, it touches reach every surface of printed part. 2 different containers provide you extra washing capacity and flexibility. When the wash is finished, easily remove the piece and use it.


3D Printed Object Curing Unit

Fast curing machine for 3D Printed object

Curing is absolutely necessary in order for your print to reach the correct mechanical values. We offer you a device for curing easily and effectively. With the Cure device, you can cure at 365 nm and 405 nm wavelength. Set the time interval you want, let your part curing as you do your job.