Vega Plus
3D Printer

Quality and affordable solution for all your dental production!

You can produce highly accurate surgical guides, temporary teeth, crowns, bridges, partial frameworks, custom impression trays or gingiva…

Affordable solution, accuracy and quality!

38 minutes

72 Temporary Teeth

41 minutes

98 Crown

52 minutes

2 Model ​

One Device for All Dental Applications

Provides accurate production and high efficiency for all types of dental applications

Dental Study Models

Digital Wax Ups

Models with Dies

Model with Aligners

Crown-Bridge Application

Laminated Application

Metal Casting Production

E-Max Press Production

Produce Surgical Guide

Monolithic Dentures

Rapid Dentures

Temporary Restorations

Technical Specifications

Printing Technology


Print Volume

12,8 cm x 8,1 cm

Z Layer Thickness​

100 / 50 / 30 micron

Print Speed​

35 mm/hour




5GHz Wi-Fi - USB Drive

Printer Control

7" Touch-screen

Printer Dimensions

32,5 cm x 32,5 cm x 50 cm

Printer Weight

20 Kg

3D printing materials for dental laboratories and dentists

Developed to provide highest performance for dental professionals.

We do not leave it to chance. We continue to produce the best resins with our own brand PowerResins so that dental professionals can achieve excellent results. Our range of resin includes also CE Class IIa biocompatible materials that are used by thousands of patients every day. Our resin are 100% compatible with Sega Dental 3d printer.

DentaSoft Software

Nova platform provides you ready jewelry designs so that you can cast and sell fast!

Wash & Cure

Washing and curing are important for a better quality production.