Temporary crowns resin has been officially certified as CE Class IIa Medical Device

Dentafab PowerResins Temp and PowerResins Denture biocompatible resins get the European CE Class IIa certification. These resins were developed by Dentafab R&D laboratories and are used in dental treatments by hundreds of dental laboratories. This clearance provides reliable evidence of the biocompatibility of the resins, while offering durability for the temporary crowns or dentures to be used in the mouth.

DentaFab, the DLP 3D Printer manufacturer, formulates photopolymer resins for dental and jewelry applications under its brand PowerResins. PowerResins Temp and Denture resins were developed by DentaFab R&D laboratories to be used in dental patients’ mouths and provide strong mechanical properties, durability and natural tooth aesthetics.

PowerResins Temp: Temporary Teeth in 12 minutes that are now 2x more Durable

PowerResins Temp is used in the making of temporary teeth such as crowns, bridges or onlays. Temporary teeth printed with PowerResins Temp offer 2 times more durability than their competitors, with a flexural strength reaching over 120 MPa. With such strength, teeth printed with PowerResins Temp can be used by the patients for up to 3 months. PowerResins Temp has Light and Medium color scales and it can be  colored naturally with glaze application and easily post-processed.

With the Dentafab Sega DLP 3D printer, a plate of temporary teeth can be printed in just 12 minutes and ready to be applied in the patient’s mouth. The printing speed and its mechanical properties make it very appealing for dentists.

New Age Digital Dental Practices

DentaFab Sega 3D Printer combined with Powerresins broad portfolio of dental materials allow you to produce precise, fast and continuous solutions in many dental indications.