Surgical Guides

Increase the predictability of your dental implant treatments with Surgical Guide

PowerResins Surgical Guide is a transparent biocompatible Class 1 material, developed for high precision implant guided surgeries. High resolution and speed 3D printing with exceptional mechanical properties provides you the best implant guidance at an affordable cost. It is easy to insert drill sleeves, directly after printing.

Surgical Guides​

Prepare your surgical implant guides before the surgery by 3d printing them with Sega 3D Printer. This CE Class 1 clear material has very good mechanical properties and after printing, it is easy to insert metallic drill sleeves.

Digital Workflow​

Plan and Design

Use the scan data to design the required dental practice.

3D Print

3D Print your surgical guide using our Sega 3D Printer before the surgery.

Sleeves Placement

After post-curing, you can easily fit the metal drill sleeves into the surgical guide.

Test Drill & Control

You may test the fitting of the surgical guide on the 3d printed dental model of the patient.


PowerResins Surgical Guide resin is suitable for the autoclave process before the surgery.

Implant Surgery

Use the surgical guide during the dental implant surgery.

PowerResins SG

Produce accurate and high quality implant guides

SG is a CE Class 1 biocompatible resin, developed for the 3d printing of Surgical Guides for implant surgery use. With the exceptional mechanical and precise printing capabilities of this material, it is easy to insert drill sleeves, directly after 3d printing.

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