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    DentaFab IPS E.max Multi Press With Exocad and 3D Printing

    In this Webinar, we will show IPS E.max Multi Press With Exocad and 3D Printing.

    Language: Turkish/English   Subtitle: No. Time: 56:03 min

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    Denture Design with Exocad and 3D Printing

    In this Webinar, we design dental denture using Exocad software and then show you how to 3D Print the denture using Dentafab Mega 3D Printer.

    Language: English   Subtitle: No. Time: 01:10:40 min

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    How to make design Snap on Smile with Exocad?


    We show in this webinar how to create a smile design using the Snap on Smile technique. We also provide information about the freely available Meshmixer software usage.

    Language: Turkish   Subtitle: No. Time: 01:07:13 min

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    All on Four bridge 3D printing and design with Dental Wings software

    In this webinar, we show how to design All on Four and full mouth bridges with Dental Wings software. After the design, we also describe the 3d printing process.

    Language: Turkish   Subtitle: No. Time: 01:16:16 min

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    How to create Partials with Exocad and Sega 3D Printer?

    In this webinar, we describe the design of a partial framework with Exocad. By using DentaFab Sega 3D Printer, the dental model, partial framework and temporary teeth were 3d printed and check for adjustments.

    Language: Turkish   Subtitle: No. Time: 01:25:24 min

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    Design of hybrid prosthetics on top of implants using Exocad

    This webinar describes how to design hybrid prothetics using Exocad software. We have shown the design process as well as how to prepare the STL files for 3D Printing.

    Language: Turkish   Subtitle: No. Time: 01:22:43 min

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    Smile Design with Exocad

    In this webinar, you can get a good understanding about the tricks on making a nice smile design. 

    Language: Turkish   Subtitle: No. Time: 01:21:49 min

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    How to design Crown and Bridges with Exocad?

    We described in this video how to design Crowns and Bridges with Exocad. We also showcased how to print these parts with PowerResins Burn castable resin in order to do a Cr-Co metal casting.

    Language: Turkish   Subtitle: No. Time: 01:00:20 min

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    How to make designs on top of implants with Exocad?

    This webinar we show how to design dental prosthesis on top of implants. 

    Language: Turkish   Subtitle: No. Time: 49:39 min

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    How to design Fixed Placeholder with Exocad?

    In this webinar, we explained how to design Fixed Placeholder Prostheses with the Exocad design program. The issue of how to obtain STL data with the design program of prostheses used to protect the tooth cavity, which is usually seen in pediatric patients as a result of loss of primary teeth, was discussed. 

    Language: Turkish   Subtitle: No. Time: 01:21:49 min