Metal Partial Frameworks

Meeting traditional casting with CAD digital dentistry!

We increase the quality of your partial framework production by combining conventional casting with the CAD/CAM system.The Sega 3D Printer and Burn casting resin combination allows you to produce partial frameworks very quickly with high precision.

Metal Partial Framework Production

Create all your partial framework with high accuracy. You can easily 3d print your partials with Sega 3D Printer and PowerResins Burn castable resin to get perfect accuracy and fast production.

Digital Workflow​

Plan and Design

Prepare the CAD design of the partial framework.

3D Print

3D Print the frameworks using the ultra fast Sega 3D Printer within few minutes.

Easy Burnout

PowerResins Burn resin has a very easy, %100 ash-free burnout with any brand of dental investments.


Cast your frameworks using Cr-Co metal.

Finish Partial

Polish the casted metal and finish the partial.

Placing Teeth

The partial is ready for the patient with perfect accuracy.

PowerResins Castable Burn

Produce all types of cast crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and frameworks

PowerResins Burn is a special 100% ash-free castable resin that is formulated for perfect quality in dental direct casting and fast burnout.

Sega Dental
3D Printer

All your dental production at an outstanding speed and quality!