Metal Crowns Production

Get the best casting quality with any investment!

According to scientific articles, metal infrastructures produced with a correct casting process are more successful in terms of porcelain compatibility than metal infrastructures produced with laser sintering.

Produce metal crowns, bridges, custom bars and hybrid abutments

6 Units Bridge

Extra Coronal Attachment

3 Units Bridge

Digital Workflow​

Plan and Design

Prepare the CAD design of the crowns, bridges or custom bars.

3D Print

3D Print the CAD designs using the PowerResins Burn castable resin.

Casting Sprues

Wash with alcohol the parts and dry with air. PowerResins Burn resin does not need any post-curing. Add the casting sprues to the part.

Easy Burnout

PowerResins Burn resin has a very easy, %100 ash-free burnout and gives perfect casting quality with any brand of dental investments.


After the burnout, easily cast the Cr-Co metal.

PFM Crown

Finish your crown, bridge using porcelain finish.

Cr Co Metal Casting with DentaFab 3D Printer

PowerResins Castable Burn

Produce all types of metal crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and frameworks

PowerResins Burn is a special 100% ash-free castable resin that is formulated for perfect quality in dental direct casting and fast burnout.

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