Digital Dentures​

Let the 3d printer manufacture your digital dentures!

Produce your removable digital dentures better, faster and easier! You can produce dentures within minutes using the Sega 3d printer with PowerResins CE Class IIa biocompatible long term Denture resin. 

Digital Dentures​

With digital planning, you can manufacture very efficiently denture base with much accuracy. This dental biocompatible 3d printing material is suitable for long term denture usage in patient’s mouth. It is easy to print, easy to post-process and safe for patients.

Digital Workflow​

Plan and Design

Use the scan data to design the required denture.

3D Print Denture Base

Use the Class IIa Denture resin and 3d print the denture bases in less than 1 hour at very high precision and accuracy.

Teeth Placement

Place the artificial teeth onto the denture base. You can use standard resins as a binder.

Cure the binder resin

Cure the binder resin to get perfect adhesion to the denture base.


Polish and finish the denture.

Ready for Patient Use

The patient can use the denture with perfect fitting and accuracy.

3D Printing Digital Denture with Dentafab 3D Printer

PowerResins Denture

Rapidly Produce high quality dental prosthetics

Powerresins Denture is a biocompatible resin (Class IIa), developed for the 3d printing and manufacturing of long term removal dental dentures. It has high process reliability thanks to high initial hardness and exceptional mechanical properties.

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