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We combine our passion for dental design focused in people with advanced 3D technologies. Our clients have procured exceptional results while working with our dedicated team.

Why dentafab design service?

Save Time

Focus on your own business while our team prepares your dental designs.

24/6 Support

We provide full support with our 24-hour team, except Sundays.

Expert Designers

We offer fast and high quality designs on all dental CAD products

Save Storage

Your data is safely stored on the DentaFab Platform.

See Our List of Design Products

Anatomic Crowns

Anatomic Simple Copings


Telescopic Crowns


Bridge Frameworks

Inlays & Onlays


Smile Design

Hybrid Bridges


All on Four

You Scan, We Design!​


Start by Scanning

Start by having your patient’s mouth scan so that we can make the design you want. If you do not have a scanning device, please contact us.


Upload & Create Case

We accept STL scans from any platform, just log in to DentaFab Platform and create a case to start uploading your files.


Quick Design

We examine your case and make the most correct design for you in line with your request.


Download & Use

You can start production by downloading the design from the DentaFab Platform.

New Age Digital Dental Practices

DentaFab Sega 3D Printer combined with Powerresins broad portfolio of dental materials allow you to produce precise, fast and continuous solutions in many dental indications.