Dental Model Applications

Are your digital implant libraries up to date?

Regardless of brand and model, you can produce digital impressions that fit perfectly with all implants. High accuracy is required in prosthetic dental model impressions. The perfect combination of the Sega 3d printer and PowerResins Model resin provides you with an ideal production of scanning impressions.

Get Perfect Accuracy and Details of the 3D Printed Models

Dental Model with Implant Analog

Dental Model with Dies

Dental Study Models

Digital Workflow​

Capture Data

Scan the patient’s mouth using an intraoral scanner. Send the digital scan data to the design office.

Plan and Design

Use the scan data to design the required dental practice.

3D Print the Dental Model

3D Print within few minutes the dental models using Sega 3D Printer

Placing Implant Analog

You can place and test your implant analogs on the accurate 3d printed dental model.

Fixing Implant Analog

You may screw or test your implant analogs according to the patient’s needs.

Fixing Tooth

The cover tooth can be fixed on the implant analog.

3D Printed Model with Implant Analog Fitting

PowerResins Dental Model

Rapidly Produce Very Accurate Dental Models

PowerResins Model is a special ceramic based 3d printer resin for dental model printing. It was specifically developed in order to have high dimensional stability and a special texture for dental models processing.

Sega Dental
3D Printer

All your dental production at an outstanding speed and quality!